Rogers weighs in on 21C TV..

Kung Fu Monkey: Podcasting Galactica

Ron Moore is doing podcasts on each episode, like little downloadable director’s commentaries. But not, because in TV we writers are king, as IT SHOULD BE — ahem.

Anyway, he’s not charging for them, just plowing them out, keeping his fans interested and creating value-added to his show which is now in reruns. He’s not going to let the little sci-fishies get distracted and wander away, no he’s not. Mr. Moore understands — in the new media, the fans are your friends, they are your allies, they are your proselytizers. They are not cows to be milked. They are the community, and they are in charge.

which is kinda like what i said here
‘cept that Rogers has cred..

now if only I could read-between-the-lines some sort of update re: Global Frequency!!

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