exciting new-to-me sequential art – Channel Zero by Brian Wood

So, I’ve been hanging out on Warren’s new board, The Engine and in doing so have been discovering a whole new world of indie comics.

I liked the sound of Brian Wood’s upcoming monthly, DMZ so I thought I’d get familiar with his earlier work, and order in the trade of Channel Zero.

In short, its very good. It deals with a fictional US of A gone to the christian right, where all media has become totally censored. One lone voice, Jennie 2.5, rises up to jam the man and run pirate tv broadcasts – the one free voice in teh city. Actually, it reminded me a little of Logan from Dark Angel, but Jennie 2.5 has way cooler facial tatts. Probably the best thing about this comic is that it shows someone rebelling against the system, but also critiques that very rebellion. Also, it has cool tatts. The art is very rough, b/w, but in a good way.

I look forward to DMZ all the more now, and will, budget allowing, be trying to get my hands on Brian’s other earlier work, top of the list being The Couriers.