podcast reviews

So, a lots changed in the world of podcasting since my last review. Mainly, that podcasting has gone legit, or whatever you want to call it now being part of the iTunes Music Store. No longer need you use the grungey little iPodder program, you can subscribe to shows directly through the much prettier Music Store. Which means its slowly coming to the common man (although, according to this report by Yahoo!, only 2% of “internet users” know what podcasts are).

Looking back at the last post, I see that I stopped listening to those shows ages ago. The novelty of listening to mostly ranting (ie drooling fan boy) wore off – although its possible they’ve gotten better since I stoppped. And Warren stopped doing his SuperBurst MixTapes.

So, what am I listening to now?

Well, for “new” music, MashUpTown Radio is where its at. Fresh, quality mash-ups delivered to the ipod on a regular basis. Some of my favourite new music is coming from these guys.

In terms of podcast shows, the scene has really matured now, and there’s some great niche shows available now.

For new and interviews with from the cyber-counter-culture scene, there’s Neo Files, fronted by that old cyberpunk RU Sirius. Hightlights so far includes interviewing Charles Ostman about nanotech, Joe Sparks about Radiskull & Devil Doll, Lee Felsenstein about the Home Brew Computer Club etc.

For more topical ‘net goss, there’s those ex-Screensaver boys over at diggnation. Basically they just talk about the 10 top ranked shows on the digg.com new site. But they’re way funny. Plus, in ep#14 they come live from the Dolby Studios, and the preview they give of the new ‘5.1 surround sound technology for podcasting’ is great.

Lastly, though not strictly a podcast (why not?!!), are the Long Now Seminars. I’ve been trying to petition these guys to get on the podcasting bandwagon. Not all of us live in the Bay Area you know!! The latest seminar is from Ray Kurzweil and its damn kickass if you’re into the Singularity and such.