EscapePod.. aural sf pr0n

Thanks to Rachel for putting me onto Escape Pod. She mentioned she’d grabbed Impossible Dreams after it was posted on BoingBoing, and that it was decent.

I’ve added the podcast in iTunes and have been working my way backwards through their recent stuff. It’s such a great way to sample new (to me) authors with having to fork out $$$’s to buy their latest hard-cover.

And since they seem to match the speaker to the story being told, you also don’t have the problem of having the same voice in your ear for hours at a time.

The other thing I love about consuming fiction by podcast is that it doesn’t require all of your attention. You can be doing chores at the same time for instance… So far, I’m four deep into the back catalog.

Benjamin Rosenbaum has two short stories that have featured on Escape Pod recently.

The 2007 Hugo-nominated The House Beyond the Sky is amazing. Set in a world/universe/? that may resemble something from the third act of Accelerando.

Start the Clock‘s a tale of arrested-development in a world recovering from some sort of viral plague. And it has a cool pirate-ship house.

Eight Episodes by Robert Reed is great telling of cancelled tv show that’s more-than-meets-the-eye.

And of course, Impossible Dreams, written by Tim Pratt. A slipstream’y story of an other-worldy video-shop, that reminded me a lot of Lewis Shiner‘s Glimpses.

Next on the menu will be Lust for Learning by Pete Butler. Apparently a sexy AI story.

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