Grinder group blog –

I’m super-psyched to announce I’m one of the author’s for the latest spin-off from the Doktor Sleepless comic,

It’s a group blog Warren’s setup to document Grinder culture. As he says:

Imagine: you want to be a superconnected, modified, new kind of human, and you consider your own body to be a work in progress, so you’re constantly looking for new things you can do to yourself (and others) while also keeping an eye on the collapsing planet around you because you want to have enough time to finish your body (or wish to use your many communications-technology devices to record it all as it collapses around your ears). That’s what you’re trawling for and gathering on for others to keep up with

Please do drop by and check it out. Oh, and pick up a copy of Dok Sleepless if you get a chance 😉

2008’s off to a great start. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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