Program Update: now in stereo

  I upgraded WordPress here the other day, so it must be time for another update. What’s been happening? Well there’s this interview Team Grinding participated in, where I say typically me things like: Saving the world as penance for the sins our fathers, building a life worth being near immortal in, then exploring the […]

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Program Update

This is a screenshot of m1k3y tv: This is the lifestyle of the technomad; those formerly knowns as the Wifi Bedouin. Our bodies are but meat pointers to the internet. Our work alive and active, whilst we sleep, rest, play, scheme… or create. Cyberspace is the realm from which I’m speaking to you now. Not […]

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The Assassins Mashup Project

I am tres excited to be able to announce the much anticipated release, well by me anyway, of The Assassins Mashup Project.  Wherein a team of writers (and myself) take a short poem and use it as the basis for a slightly longer work. You can find my humble contribution at the very end (warning: […]

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Gonzo Squad….ASSEMBLE

So, need another reason why I’m never posting here. Apart from Grinding, obviously. Here; behold the majesty of The Worldwide Culture Gonzo Squad, Inc. You like; YOU LIKE NOW!! You bookmark. You tell your friends. More importantly, you tell your enemies; and while they’re distracted you kill them. With a spoon. Or The Mallet. Yes, […]

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NaNoWriMo ’07

So I just signed up. Gotta take the plunge sometime I guess. And, this way I’ve got an excuse if it’s crap 😉 Gotta particular idea / setting I’ve been mulling around in my head for a while (it’s a Mudane SF / Young Adult novel that may be slightly parallel to a certain other […]

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my first Twitter…

So, I’ve finally succumbed to and joined Twitter. Mostly to play with it and see if its such a big deal. There’s been SO MUCH hype about it that I suspect in 6 months it’ll be dead. Did I mention it took me two days to join? The server kept dying mid-way thru the registration […]

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