Gonzo Squad….ASSEMBLE

So, need another reason why I’m never posting here. Apart from Grinding, obviously.

Here; behold the majesty of The Worldwide Culture Gonzo Squad, Inc.

You like; YOU LIKE NOW!!

You bookmark. You tell your friends.

More importantly, you tell your enemies; and while they’re distracted you kill them. With a spoon. Or The Mallet.

Yes, just what the world needs; another group-blog. Well, at least it’s not a link-blog. Huh!

But this one is awesomer.

For one, people are still being collected; so you can watch it form.

For two; well, it’s not a link-blog. Wait, I already said that. OK, so yes, it’s mandate is pretty freaking open, just that it’s content will pretty much be 100% original. Our initial tag line is:

Field reports and thoughts on culture, gigs, games and gore from around the world.

See: O.P.E.N.

Basically, whatever the hell any of us feel like putting up. So long as it’s thoughts from our brains… There will be none of that whole First! mentality.

Yes, you see now, don’t you…

It’s link-blog food! The precious. The diggable, the deliciousable, the /.-able, the BoingBoing’age comment war content generator stuff.

And it’s all MopedRonin’s fault.

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