The Future of VJing

Can you picture it? A future where going to a concert or club is like stepping into a virtual reality of synchronized sound and color; a ghostly neon creature slithers past you at shoulder-height; a palm-sized LED light given to you upon entry projects tiny birds onto the ceiling that swoop and flutter in time to your dancing; onstage, the performers call to each other in waves of noise and picture like marine mammals seeking each other out across the ocean.

From a Sonic Weekly piece, featuring my man in Winnipeg, Canada (and fellow Gonzo Squad member).. mrghosty!

From our conversations I can confirm that this isn’t hype.  He and his crew are working pretty hard to make such things a reality.  Think the locative art in Pattern Recognition.  Think augmented-reality club nights.

If the stars align he’ll be bringing his show to Melbourne in the near future.  I can’t wait to experience it for myself.

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