for Bron Broen.

It ends as it began. With a message (taken directly and edited lightly from the fansubs):

[The] Climate summit ends. A large part of Environment Ministers is are dead now.

There, we killed them. Why?

We can not wait. We are pressed for time.

We can not let politicians sit in meeting after meeting –

– Without results.

We know that we [are heading] towards an environmental disaster.

Nevertheless, those with power and opportunities [do] nothing.

No country will be the first to undertake climate commitments.

Climate issues are exposed.

We made sure that the old politicians disappeared.

Now there is room for new ministers.

Do not repeat the old mistakes.

We [will] keep an eye on you.

The why done it of this show is clear from the beginning.

But the issues remain to be explored. Within the next season of the show. And without, from the world where we watch it.

The biggest question facing us today is: what cost humanity?

Does our survival trump that of all other species?

Does our continued existence mean the slow extinction of all other life except what we farm? The death of the wild?

To those that empathize more strongly with the citizens of the animal kingdom and call Gaia, Mother, our own near extinction seems justified. For the “greater good”, as they see it. Let the wild overrun civilization; a Deep Ecology Apocalypse.

Which puts the agents of the semi-fictional Overview Effect Enforcement Agency firmly on the middle path. Taking all reasonable action as “beyond good & evil” actors. Wake up the PowersThatBe, before we all live a true nightmare.

And who’s on the front line in our Scandinavian drama series? A mutant of sorts. A high functioning empath, rating somewhere on the human made Asperger’s Scale.

Cool show right?


The eco-terrorists of the second season of Bron || Broen are in no way affiliated with the Overview Effect Enforcement Agency. They are certainly not ousted members. We have no knowledge of their actions or identity. Who is this anyway? I have to go now.

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