Words of Power: CRYPTOPTICON

The Cryptopticon – practice saying it, it doesn’t take long: CRYPT-OPT-I-CON – is the shadow mechanism of measurement that facilitates the new systems of control affected by the Surveillance Marketing State… By giving a name to this invisible control mechanism we can bring it into focus, talk about it and confront it. Because when you name something, you have power over of it.

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..Can MTV Stay Cool?..

But the MTV empire today is a staple of the media Establishment and faces a slew of new threats. After all, it’s the iPod era, a broadband world, and the online generation is defining for itself what is edgy and new. Ratings may be strong for many of the channels, but the original MTV isn’t the must-see it was. “We watch it because it’s there,” says Marie McGrory, a Manhattan 10th grader. Can McGrath keep her empire cool enough and nimble enough for Marie’s generation and beyond?

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Rupert Murdoch is no n00b

“I think [the current portal] model is in danger of becoming out of date,” he said. “Young people today — who are the great users of the Internet — know exactly what sites they want to go to and they go there, they don’t have to work their way through Yahoo!’s homepage, or MSN.” Later he added, “It [MySpace] certainly won’t be a traditional portal.”

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